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Barbara Anna Cichocka

       Barbara was brought up in Poland where she was encouraged by her teachers early on to pursue an education in fine art. Barbara chose to specialise in tapestry making and practiced this craft in a private studio in Warsaw. She first travelled to England after being invited to weave a tapestry at a London exhibition. It was later in life, however, after her children were grown, that Barbara committed  full-time to pursuing a career as an artist. Barbara returned to her studies at The College of West Anglia, where she received The Adult Student of The Year Award for Creative Arts in 2010.

Barbara now paints daily and is inspired by her surroundings and human stories of interest. She enjoys observing the characteristics of her chosen subject and presenting them in her own style. Barbara has also enjoyed developing new skills in etching and lino cutting, as well as other media and techniques through her continued education. Barbara's paintings endeavour to convey the emotions registered when she engages with her subjects. Barbara will study minute details for days or paint on impulse, observing and outlining shapes and patterns. She is fascinated by flowers, their magnificent forms and colours, and has been refining her skills in botanical art.  For her, nature holds an endless supply of inspiration.  Currently, she is focused on combining exquisite detail with the power and beauty of nature, intimating the boldness of presence through colour.

Barbara lives and work in Norfolk. She is a member of the West Norfolk Artists Association.

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